MF1204 Technical Studies 2: Crafting Technology

Crafting Technology explores techniques, materials and tools for construction of physical structures.
It is a Technical Studies 2/Level One Interactive Art class, at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore.

In this class students will employ existing techniques for crafting, such as modularity, pattern making,
knitting, and weaving. They will work with a wide range of materials to create physical prototypes, such
as cardboard, foam, or threads, and will be encouraged to challenge the meanings and formation of
different techniques and develop material investigation skills.

This is a class/curriculum that I designed and taught three times, last during Semester Two,
AY2010/2011. It comprised of lecture and technical demos, follwed by technical/creative exercises.
Topics as decribed below:
: Modular Structures
: Deployable Structures
: Molding/Casting
: Paper Electronics
: Soft Production Techniques: Knitting
: Soft Production Techniques: Weaving

Further information can be found at the Wiki Class 2011 (students' documentation)

Images on the right: Top: Deployable Structure by Rui Yi Mui; Bottom: Knitting and weaving in class.

The Class 2010 had a different challenge. They were to collaborate on a project and apply the
techniques and tools learnt in-class. It was a close collaboration with students from Fine Arts, and
students worked in groups of 2. It involved a field trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the end result
was an exhibition at Praxis Space @ LASALLE.

Craft Data: Collaborative project with Fine Arts Students
Brief/Theme: Translating a soundscape/landscape into craft media
(Crafting Technology component MF1204: the following is covered throughout the semester: modular and
deployable structures, knitting and weaving, paper making and small electronics; the materials covered:
paper, artcard/cardboard, fabrics, yarns, threads, LEDs, inflatables).
Students will sample, record, draw, tape, picture the environment by using digital media, which then will
be translated into a visual 3D interpretation/structure, by making use of traditional materials in innovative

Images of colab works by students in Interactive Art Level 1 and Fine Arts Level 2, AY2009/10

More Images here (Facebook)

The Class 2009