MF2203 Technical Studies 3: Wearable and Soft Technologies

How does embedding technology into everyday objects affects and effects our and others
perceptions and interactions? And how can we make use of different materials and technologies
to experiment with different situations? Wearable Technology is a rapidly expanding field of
research and application. Comprehending a wide range of conceptual designs to commercial
artefacts, it engages artists, designers, scientists and engineers in its practice.

AY2010/11 | Semester One, 2010
Interactive Spaces for the body
Teresa Almeida and Emily Wills (Fashion Textiles)
Brief: 'This semester, students in Interactive Art will collaborate with students in Fashion Textiles.
Lecturers in both Programmes will demonstrate a variety of technical skills in the two
interdisciplinary subjects; interactive art and textile design. Students will engage in
various workshops to explore ideas of wearable and soft technologies alongside technical
studios to develop skills in screen printing, 3D fabric manipulation using non-traditional
materials such as conductive paint, reactive paint, circuitry, sensors and switches. Under
lecturer supervision students will work in small groups to design and produce a piece of
interactive textiles that creates structure and/ or a space for the body. Students will
be assessed by their engagement with various research methods and generating and developing
new ideas that challenge notions of wearable technologies. Students are asked to experiment
with various design approaches, themes and techniques appropriate to their research to generate
a sophisticated response to the design brief, to exhibit in week 11.'

Open Studio: Interactive Textiles
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AY2009/10 | Semester One, 2009

Students' work was featured in the Interactive Art Open Studio, Earl Lu Gallery @ LASALLE.

Open Studio Interactive Art
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