Lags are a series of patches for coping with social jet lag.

Social jet lag is, according to European researchers | scientists, putting as at risk of chronic fatigue and it manifests when our body's
circadian rhythm is out of sync with the demands of our environment. Our behavioural patterns may alter and despite all the modern
technologies available we still fall out of logic. Lags are the result of living in a mirror-world, and are out of tune with the environment.
They are the outcome of my current stay in Southeast Asia. Having moved there for work, I have felt again the urgent need to adapt.
This constant need to cope with new surroundings is indeed a source of stress and exhaustion. The space | time dislocation and the
mismatch of our bodies no longer fitting their surroundings are the motif for Lags, which are part of my ongoing research on wearable
coping mechanisms for urban spaces.

Lags are designed for an office site:
EyeLag consists of a pair of goggles equipped with a warm yellow light in the inside, reassuring sunlight;
HeadLag is a bracelet and soft pillow, for when one needs to nap.

Materials: Lags are made of accessories handed out on an intercontinental flight, applied textiles designed using
traditional Batik materials and wax-resist patterning technique, and are combined with miscellaneous electronics,
LEDs, conductive thread and Velcro, batteries, micro fan, and touch switch.