Electronic Jewelry and Pop-Ups
with Anees Assali
Project Hope and Saraya
Nablus and East Jerusalem, West Bank Palestine
13-20 June, 2010

The Electronic Jewelry and Pop-Ups set of workshops intended to provide children/girls with
novel practices for the creation of body accessories: one that incorporates basic electronics
in its design, and pop-up cards that light-up when opened.
While using familiar techniques of beading and threading, they learnt how to
combine lights, switches, and simple sensors in their creation.

These workshops introduced children/girls to electronics through craftsmanship, informing
them about and teaching them basic knowledge on how to design basic electric circuits,
while at the same time creating and designing their own piece of jewelry or pop-ups that light up.

Skills taught consisted of: basic electronics, soft circuitry (using conductive threads, LED
lights, small coin batteries, making own battery holder), soft switches (using conductive
materials (fabric, aluminum foil)), design: creating own accessory (beads, yarns, fabric,
threads, etc).