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Yuga is a set of wearable coping mechanisms designed for urban rhytms. The continuation of the previous ‘Modes for Urban Moods’ series, Yuga was developed while in residency at Ljudmila-Ljubljana Digital Media Lab and within the frame of the 'Pépinieres européennes pour jeunes artistes' programme.
Yuga consists of two wearable products: a belt and a handbag. Both use sound as object, amplifying moods by the use of space.
The handbag helps managing feelings of frustration – of communication, misunderstanding or alienation.
The belt deals with attention - it is a portable wearable accessory that interacts with the environment by detecting physical proximity and movement. According to the data collected it creates brief compositions – that allow others to notice this wearable user’s presence or thus the user him/herself to reclaim spontaneous attention and/or interact with the surroundings.

Yuga is also a sonic and spatial translation of the physical transformations that, eventually, occur when new connections are created.



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